LLenoreENORE VON STEIN - Press and Audience Comments

“Utterly wild, daring, and really courageous.”  Janet Coleman, WBAI, New York

“Stark musical reality infused with energy.” Amanda MacBlane, New Music Box

“Startling and trenchant” Charlotte Meehan, Playwright, Playwright-In-Residence, Wheaton College, Norton, MA.

"In America, tradition is in the eye of the beholder.  Von Stein, uh, revamps the chanteuse-of-love line, paying it homage while turning it inside out…Somewhere between Cathy Berberian’s microtones and Ella Fitzgerald’s silky scats" Gene Santoro, Pulse

“.. (her) voice is striking in its range - both emotional and tessitural." AUFBAU, Leonard J. Lehrman

"A natural voice, she sings with expression, at times the recording sounds like blue grass texture crossed with Shoenberg's "Pierrot Luniere."  Her themes are both realistic (domestic violence, racism) and more abstract.  I suspect Von Stein can be a riveting performer in a live context."        Cadence Magazine  “She speaks in a pointed surrealism.” David Dupont, Cadence Magazine

“She's kind of a stand-up-non-comic, a monologist and jazz singer who mixes improv and set pieces, music and verbal (the set music is modern classical, the improv, more free and jazz inspired). She tackles big issues like racism and violence against women.  Really an original mixture of stuff.”  Daniel Goode, composer, co-director Downtown Ensemble

"So authentic" Bernadette Scott, New Jersey State Theater

“Her work is very emotional but not confessional.” Matthew Finch, WBAI, NY

“She is derivative of no one or nothing, a true original.  And although she upholds the jazz tradition it’s done through the present tense.  As Billie Holliday broke ground Lenore Von Stein is also finding new ground.  She brings her personal experiences, reminds you of you own experiences, as she sings.  She’s a wonderful musician.”  William Hickey, Actor

"Surreal and uninhibited, strikingly offbeat lyrics, subtler, ever innovative.”  Kyle Gann, The Village Voice

“Funny, offbeat, surrealistic chanteuse” Kyle Gann, Village Voice Pick

"What strange, wonderful music" Ayesha Ramachandran, Yale University

"Absolutely delightful!  Thought and emotion provoking" Ritu Birla, Professor of History, University of Toronto