September 2016 on The Facts

1687, inc. presents September 2016 on The Facts
Music Stories about people reacting to their circumstances
Written/composed and produced by lenore von stein
Racism Straight Up…

andrew bolotowsky, flute beth griffith, singer
bern nix, guitar lenore von stein, narrator, singer
carol lang, historical expertise
sara ranucci, scott henkle, and the crew

1. September 6 – Reasons for Racism: part 1- discussion – some of the foundations of US racism
2. September 13 – Drugs & The War Against Them part 1 – Music Story – Why is there a war against drugs?
3. September 20 – Carolyn as a Scapegoat: part 2 – Music Story – Forced to be “for real”
4. September 27 – Genocides I Know: Music Story – Fait Accompli

Later in the Fall 2016:
The Fix is In: Part six: Romance Comes to a Temporary End
Thinking About Sandra Bland parts 1 &2
Countering MisInformation: Who goes to Jail? Why? Goals..?

Broadcast every Tuesday at 11:30 PM in New York City on
MNN Ch. 56, RCN Ch. 83, & Verizon Ch. 34.
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