The Facts October 2016 Broadcasts

1687, inc. presents October 2016 on The Facts
Stories and Discussions about people reacting to their circumstances
Written/composed and produced by lenore von stein
Afraid of The EstabLishMent?

andrew bolotowsky, flute beth griffith, singer
bern nix, guitar lenore von stein, narrator, singer
rachel evans, viola
baz deblinger and johann hari, studies
sara ranucci, scott henkle, winson thai, and the crew

1. October 4 – Imprisoned and Prisons - discussion – Lenore Von Stein talking to Professor Baz Deblinger, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY and author of author of Incaceration Nations
2. October 11 – How I Became a Coward part 2 - Story about adjusting/confonming to ideas and ways of life you don’t agree with – lenore von stein, andrew bolotowsky, beth griffith, bern nix, rachel evans
3. October 18 – Getting Weaker Finding Strength:- Story -about becoming more honest with yourself and others. lenore von stein, andrew bolotowsky, beth griffith, bern nix, rachel evans
4. October 25 – Drugs and The War Against Them: part 4 Lenore Von stein in conversation with Jóhann Hari on the origins and effects of The War on Drugs

Later in the 2016-2017:
Fiction/Music: Core Group and guests TBD
1. The Fix is In: Part six: Romance Comes to a Temporary End
2. Thinking About Sandra Bland
3. Gilpin and The Poor
4. Baby’s Age

Countering MisInformation – Non fiction discussions
1. The American Revolution – 1776 – Dr. Gerald Horne – Historian, Author University of Houston
2. The Purposes of Art: Guests TBD

Broadcast every Tuesday at 11:30 PM in New York City on
MNN (Time Warner) Ch. 56, RCN Ch. 83, & Verizon Ch. 34.
Streamed on
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