Bad News from MNN – we are relegated far away on the dial

Important Information About MNN3 on Time Warner Cable
Please note that as of January 28, 2014, MNN3 shows will no longer be seen on Time Warner Cable channel 57. MNN3 shows will be seen ONLY on channel 1997.

This change does not affect programs on RCN or FiOS channels in any way, and we are providing MNN3 producers with a variety of tools to assist them during this transition.

Please know that this change is not only happening at MNN. Other New York City public-access stations, including ones in Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island, are also losing their lower-tiered channels on the Time Warner Cable system.

As we let you know in last month’s newsletter, Time Warner Cable has introduced dual illumination for MNN programming. Time Warner Cable customers can now find MNN programs on the following channels:

MNN1 (Community): 34 and 1995
MNN2 (Lifestyle): 56 and 1996

MNN3 (Spirit): 57* and 1997

MNN4 (Culture): 67 and 1998
*(through January 28 only)

As always, all shows stream live on

If you have any questions about this please contact the Programming Department at or (212) 757-2670 x 305.

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