The Facts Episodes To Date Include - in alphabetical order:
(* = Not available on the web)

  1. Building a Character– 2 parts: Developing a realistic portrait for an artwork
  2. Cultural Disappointments: Making commercial and fine art *
  3. Disentangling the Surface – 2 parts: Social postures and political pressures
  4. Drugs and the War Against Them – 4 parts: two music episodes and two discussions: Subjects included: a definition of drugs, how particular drugs work on the brain, history of legality, and the reasons, supporters and effects of the war on drugs.  In the music episodes subjects included: effect of the war on drugs, incarceration, surrealism, Luis Bunuel, stylistic boundaries in music, early church music, nuanced expressions, poverty, freedom.
  5. Getting Weaker Finding Strength – 2 parts:  Ambition and the class system
  6. Hidden Trails: Gaining access to one’s own insights and ideas*
  7. How I Became a Coward – 2 parts: Stress and conformity
  8. How People Learn and the American Educational System–discussions– 2 parts: process of learning, IQ tests, education and opportunity
  9. Music and the Situation of Artists - discussions – 4 parts: Making something, attitudes toward artists and art
  10. Raising Money – 2 parts: Benefits of transparency
  11. Redefining Rape – 2 parts: Situation of women including sexual freedom
  12. Static Memories – 2 parts: Analyzing neurotic patterns
  13. Teachers and Tests–discussions– 2 parts: Teaching, attitudes toward teachers and students, school curriculum and goals, school as prep for the job market
  14. The Achievement Gap – discussions – 2 parts: Ambition and the class system
  15. The Importance of Reality – 2 parts – identity, loneliness, and daydreaming
  16. The Right Thing To Seem: The postures that may be needed to get and keep a job
  17. The Strength of Me: Going to average schools and working at mediocre jobs*
  18. The Weaker– 2 parts: Ambition and the class system. 
  19. TV & Me: Learning from TV while growing up and as an adult*
  20. Vincenzo Triptych – 6 parts: about love, age, alienation, responsibility, grief, and sex.