We think that during 2017-2020 we will be looking at identity, love, self expression, racism, anxiety, violence, subjugation, cultural mores, freedom..



THE FACTS - making a case for reality looking for comfort

A TV and web video series using composed and improvised music and stories, visual art and episodes of discussion

ART and BUSINESS LOG - "Success" is an American word which cannot conceivably, unless it is defined in an extremely severe, ironical, and painful way, have any place in the vocabulary of any artist. James Baldwin, 1962

A record of how we are making videos, doing business, priorities, logistics, techniques, cultural this and that..


Provoked By the Clown - an audio recording about reactions to Heinrich Boll's 1963 novel, the Clown

7th - 8th Seasons of THE FACTS

There is Racism but there is no Such Thing as Race - film


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